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Labor Day Low-Cost Startups Forum Draws a Crowd

September 24, 2010

On Sunday September 5, 2010 I spoke at the Decatur Book Festival.  This was my first appearance at a book festival as an author and I was thrilled about it. I attended several Author talks and presentations for informational content and the experience of hearing other authors talk about their work. Both a pinnacle moment and a learning experience, the weekend capped my summer long efforts to promote my book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Low-Cost Startups.

Rana Cash and Gail M. Reid at Decatur Book Festival

As the hour of my talk approached I felt excited and energetic. I was extremely fortunate in that Rana Cash, a columnist with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, had arranged to interview me during the Festival.  Ms. Cash did a wonderful job of giving me a chance to address the critical issues faced by hopeful entrepreneurs today. We also discussed facing the difficult situations, such as when to call it quits if your business is not succeeding.

The very best part about the event was the people who came to hear the interview. It was a small amphitheatre that held about 100 people, but it was packed with entrepreneurs. The audience was engaged in the formal part of the interview and many asked their own questions at the end. And we Low-Cost Startups Audiencesold out of books!

People are so eager for information and feedback to support them in building the foundation for a successful business venture. Resources and data are so much more accessible than ever before. Hopeful entrepreneurs are searching for the best ways to gather the facts, create meaningful information from the data and use this knowledge to make the right decisions as they launch their own businesses.

I came away from the weekend more certain than ever that helping entrepreneurs create successful businesses is important work.

Autumn is a time of new beginnings; cool breezes bring clarity of mind and renewal of purpose. Writing The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Low-Cost Startups gave me the opportunity to research, gather information and study the data about entrepreneurship in the 21st century. Now the Gail Margolies Reid signing her book at the Decatur Book Festivalchallenge is to share this knowledge using the Web 2.0 and create a forum where people can find the answers they need and use it to make their startup a solid success. In the next few weeks I will be working with some Atlanta entrepreneurs who have asked for my help and in the process of supporting their startup efforts I will be re-shaping the format and future content for this website.

What do you need to create a success business? Share your comments and help create a place where hopeful entrepreneurs can find the support they are looking for.

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